We Cancelled The Visit

I know promised Mj that we will go to my friend’s house today but because she was not able to do her worksheets in Kumon I would rather have to cancel it so she would learn. She should have work on it since Thursday but it is already Saturday and she still did not touch it so for her to learn I will have to cancel our getaway today.

I was excited to see of my friend’s house because the last time I saw her house it was still empty. I am sure now since there are already appliances inside and she lives there from time to time, the house looks good now. I want to see how did she organized and arranged all her things. Her house is a two storey type so there is more space where she could put all her belongings.

I love seeing the interior of the house, like the ceiling and the likes especially now that we are looking for a house to stay. I almost told the owner of the house this morning when he went here to visit and check the sink, I did not fix it yet because my husband and I really plans to loan a house this month, we are just waiting for her pension to arrive for the reservation fee. I actually want to use the money that I would get if I would sell the car but there’s no buyer this time yet. I hope soon so we can settle the things we need to settle here.

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