Keep Your Home Safe From Dengue

 Rainy season is also inviting mosquitoes to breed in our backyard so to avoid these incidents we should keep our backyard clean, dispose of solid properly and make sure that there’s no stagnant water for the mosquitoes to breed. Check all those rotting vegetation or old wood lying about. Be reminded that the mosquitoes love to breed in stock up water, warm and humid areas.

There are also tips that you can apply to avoid having mosquitoes around and that is installing window screen as leaving your windows for breeze to enter in your house, it could invite mosquitoes to come in as well.  If you have babies at home, make sure to put mosquito nets on their cribs or stroller, Air condition also somehow preventing mosquitoes to lurk in your bedroom. You should also cover of your collected water to avoid breeding ground. Check the vases and pet drinking bowls and empty them as soon as possible. Empty gutters so rain water will not clog, dispose those old tires, and cans too. You can also place insect zappers in areas where you and your family would like to spend or stay on the day, you can also apply mosquito repellent for you and your family.

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