They Should Not Abused My Kindness

I know I am a good renter but I just hope that they will not abuse me being kind because the last thing I know, the renter should not be the one to try to meet halfway just to pay the owner or the landlady. The landlady should be the one to go to the house of the one who rented the house to collect some money.

This was the scenario last week; I was on my way to pay the house when I have to drop by at the remittance agency so I can get money to pay the house. Now the landlady is already so itchy and texted me where I was already and if I was already at the meeting place. So I texted her back and said you just wait because the line was on queue at the Cebuana Lhullier. And after a while, she texted me again and said she has been waiting already for so long in the mall. So I said, just wait because I am already on my way. She replied that I was way too far so I told her if she cannot wait maybe we will just have to see each other next week. She was so mad and texted me that the only reason she was there in the mall is to collect the rental fee. So I told her, I have the same reason, and I need to fetch yet my daughter so if she is in a hurry, I am also.

I know it is not easy to wait for somebody but ya know who is paying and who is collecting? Because if I were the landlady I would be the one to go to the house to collect the money, I would not give any uncomfortable situation to the renter because they are the one who is making me money. I am just saying she should not make it a fuss for a simple wait in the mall. Because if I am not a good renter, I will not waste my time and fare to go to the mall just to pay, I would wait for them to collect the money in the house.

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