Family Ties Must Renew At Times

Since my kids are very busy at school, so we can only have our bonding time during weekend. We usually go to church on Sunday and then we headed to the mall to freshen up. Sunday is always for my family so my friends could not bother during weekend because they know I have my precious time with my kids.

In today’s generation when every household members are become attach with technologies, it would be best to enjoy and forget all those tech essentials for a moment, enjoy a little family time outdoors. Be in a museum with kids or go to a park for picnic or just stroll around the village and make sure to implement a rule no TV on!

Renewing family ties can also be involving to a good cause; even they are just kids it would never be too early to them to get involved. It is definitely an experience like no other when you are showing your kids to contribute to society. Simple things like gathering old toys, old clothes to donate charity can build good values.

Make a schedule for family activities without the involvement of the Yaya, it could be baking together in the kitchen or painting together at home could strengthen the bond between you and them and no one else. Yes it is hard to spend time alone with our family especially when we are working but spending quality time with them is a must as well to established emotional bonding to your kids.

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