Talk Bonding In Our Bedroom

A while ago, I didn’t expect that when I turned the TV off, I will be having fun talking with my kids and niece in the bedroom before we hit to our dreamland. First Mj said how she misses sleeping in this bedroom, lying down in this bed like sardines because it is so tight. The kids are growing up yet Mj is a hard sleeper she can’t wake up with the uncomfortable position and I was always pity of Faith because even how hard she sleep she would get up and she will look for a spot in the bed so she can move a little. So I decided for them to transfer to another bedroom so both of us can sleep and be comfortable in our each bed. Then the topic goes off to college days, and Mariel’s activity at school, Mj’s best friend and her new friends, then this game that Mariel is playing and all those stuffs. We had a quiet bonding yes, it was just talking in our bedroom but I was able to know what they think and I was able to tell them what to do especially with Mj who is going to another stage of her studies, high school, and merely I was just there listening to them.

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