6 Months Installment Fee For Mega Pro

I bought a Mega Pro last Christmas, it is like Mega Vision where all the songs are stored already and you just have to go to their shop for other songs in just like a hundred. It is more affordable if you buy a chip for Magic Sing. But the Mega Pro is expensive than of that Magic Sing, I took the installment basis and it was like P30, 000. I got that on Christmas and yet the first payment is on February yet, I was thankful because I will not be in a tight budget that time as Christmas season has passed. I applied for two years but I doubt about it because if I would wait for two years the amount of the Mega Pro will be double and so I made a decision to take it only for 6 months, I will just try to pay it before the due date so I can have a rebate for P100.00. I already paid the 2 months already now I only have 4 months left and I am done. All my earnings from my online task were put to the fee, but that’s okay at least now we can sing our heart out at home with new songs. And we had so much fun because Mariel and Mj would teach me the new songs. I know we don’t have that golden voice but you know us, even the songs won’t like us, we just can’t resist it. I can’t wait for my obligation for Mega Pro to finish though because I am planning to get other appliances, maybe a new couch or a new refrigerator.

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One Response to “6 Months Installment Fee For Mega Pro”

  1. michelle says:

    how much is monthly how much the down payment