Bond With Your Kids

So instead of going alone to buy books for your kids tag them along with you. This is the best bonding moments for parents and their kids to go to a bookstore and browse through books. Although your child is not old enough to read, introduce them your favorite books while you are getting to know what’s interest them. For younger kids, mostly the like fantasy, animals or nature, you may not like them but at least the most important is that you and your child are learning together.

Have fun with your kids, not only sending your kids to school, checking their assignments and etc. Have fun with them by playing with your pets or go and play in the beach without checking the time, just go meaningless like blow bubbles with your kids or run around your garden. These are those moments that your kids will always cherish when they grow up.

You can also engage physical activities with your kids, it can be a lot of fun when you exercise with them or play with them with your favorite sports. More likely this would be your fun and healthy routine.

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