I Wanted To Be A Rocker

Did I mention before that I also want to learn how to play guitar? Yes, and the one who tried to teach was my friend from college but she was not successful because my fingers are too short to reach each of the strings. If only I learned the trick so fast, I could have been a rocker right now, strumming some of my favorite style from Gibson guitars but of course obviously, I will not be a rocker at all, beside I was failed to learn the basic, I am also, already a Mom of two and being one got me very busy. I will just leave the playing of guitar to my daughter and maybe I will just sing for her while she is strumming her guitar.

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One Response to “I Wanted To Be A Rocker”

  1. Pretty Kat says:

    no probs with short fingers… pwede man na sumpayan kukness… 🙂