Little Getaway At My Friend’s House

Finally, we were able to pursue our plan before to have a little bonding at my friend’s house. She messaged me on the phone, asking if we will pursue our plan to have a little getaway in their clubhouse. And since I don’t have anywhere to go after the Kumon of Mj, I said yes and told Mj about it. The moment we arrived at their house, her friends Arisa and Yuna hugged her right away, they showed her the new puppy in the house and have a picture with it.

 photo HPIM0084_zps2ea58f77.jpg

Soon, she offered us a mango float, they have long chitchats. They giggle each other while munching the mango float. It was only like 2 months that they didn’t see each other but their gestures to each other seems like they didn’t see each other for a year already. I am so happy that they are still friends until now I mean the closeness is still there, no matter what.

 photo HPIM0086_zpsd6798e21.jpg

We went home past 8:00 p.m., already, Mj bade goodnight to her friends and said I will see you both again next time. I am happy that we are able to pursue this little getaway. Kids were able to catch up what’s new to each other since they are not seeing each other every day now unlike before that every night they were able to talk anytime they want.

 photo HPIM0111_zps162796bf.jpg

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