Someday Someday I Will

The plastic box of my youngest daughter is getting smaller with Faith’s stuffs. This box has been with us since Mj was just toddler, I bought this box for her and it was used over the years until I passed it to Faith. I could no longer arrange and organized her clothes because the space is getting tighter. I saw one closet in the furniture shop last year and I planned to purchase it this year, I just need to have extra budget for it because of some extra expenses I incurred from January to March. First off was Mj’s birthday, then Faith’s birthday and now March is Mj’s graduation day. One day, I would go to that shop and I will buy that closet for her, I guess Faith could not wait to have her own closet, she admires nice things like couch, tables, and oh I guess I have to bring her to the furniture so she can choose what she likes to have. Someday, someday I will.

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