Special Moments That I Have To Keep Forever

And so we went to church at 12:00 n.n., yes it is always our routine every Sunday to go to church at noon, we want to attend mass in the church nearby but we were late already so we decided to go in downtown. The moment we arrived at the church, Faith wanted to pee and so we went to the C.R. but it was queue so we have to wait for our turn. My niece and eldest daughter went inside the church first so they can reserve us a chair. Right after church, we hailed a taxi to go to the mall to grocery shop, I am thankful that Faith already finished this school year and she doesn’t have class until April for summer class. Mj still have practice for graduation rites by next week until Friday. Their recognition day would be on Wednesday and Saturday will be her graduation rite.

After grocery shopping we went to pancake house, this is my kids always looked forward to, where to eat and where to go after church. This time, I decided to treat them at Pancake house. They were so thrilled and excited; it has been a while since we dined at Pancake House. They were so kind last night, they did not protest at all when I turned the TV off because they know we will have to clean the house before we will go to church, we have a nice bonding talk last night too, I guess it took us an hour to call it the night, they were so eager to listen to my stories and very excited to share their activities and what they were busy with at school. I have to admit it is one of those special moments that I have to keep forever in my heart; last night was so rare to happen. No TV, no computer just a nice talk bonding with them.

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