The House Was Almost Foreclose

I turned over my house to my sister; I didn’t know that my other sister is the one paying for it. I mean it is already expected though because my other sister in SG, her income is more than of my sister has now. Every month my sister in SG would give her daughter a sum of money and my niece would give the rest to my sister because she is the one who is paying it in the Pag ibig. My sister in SG asked my niece, her daughter to check in Pag Ibig if it is really paid every month but my niece didn’t check for it. This year, my sister revealed to my niece that she is not paying the Pag ibig every month, she had some lapses and she said it is only like 4 months. We were worried so I checked for it in Pag Ibig and I learned that she is lacking P52, 000.00 because of some lapses so it is not only 4 months but it is more than that. I was surprised because Pag Ibig would really foreclose the house within 3 months if we could not comply with the payment. I told my sister in SG about it, and she was so disappointed, so I said I can help, she will pay the house like P10, 000 a month and I will take care of Mariel’s expenses at school. It is tough because I have two daughters that we are supporting and I thought that when I was able to contact my sister in SG, I would spend less this time because she will be the one to take of Mariel already. But I still have to wait because of the house, I wanted to confront my sister but I can’t because of this quote that I am the youngest and I can’t tell them what I want. I know sometimes we need to react and tell them that they should not do that and spare me because I have a family of my own too but I don’t know why I can’t. Maybe the best thing to do for me is to go away in a while that they could not find me and my kids for a year and I will just go back when things are settled already. Yeah I know I still cannot do that.

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