Pag-Ibig New Policy For Housing Loan Payment

When we went to Pag-Ibig Insurance Company to pay my housing loan, after we waited for two hours, when it was our turn to be served, the lady in-charge informed me that we have to go to 24K to get a referral letter. I was like, what? I mean when we went to pay last month, they didn’t have that kind of process to pay lapse fees.  I can’t do anything since we still have like 4 months or more to pay before we can settle our accounts; I went to 24k office to get a referral letter. I have to make it fast because the office is too far from the Pag-Ibig Insurance and I was running out of time, plus duh it was raining cats and dogs. So you see how it is too hassle on my part, but I guess this is what we paid of delaying our payments, this is the price. Thanks to my sister who did not pay the house on time. Geez!

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