Useful For Others

First was the damaged rice cooker, I guess this is the 3rd  rice cooker that I bought because the other two were not functioned at all, it has been stored here for like how many months already and it occupied some of our space in our small cabinet, so I decided to give it to garbage collector. I hope they could still find it useful.

Last week, my sister separated some old clothes in our spare room. And it also has been stored in our spare room for how many months at all, I called the garbage collector and asked him if he have small kids, he said yes so I handed him the 2 packs of clothes. And the damaged blender, I don’t know what would he do with the blender, he could sell it or repair it. It’s all up to him already. I just want to get rid of those busted things here at home for them to be use in their own way. I still have so many clothes in my closet and soon I will get rid some of it, some that I can’t use anymore but still useful for others.

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