When I Was Still Looking For A House To Loan

When my workmate said the reason why she applied for another company is that because she wanted to be approved when she would apply for housing loan soon. I remember when I still looking for a house before to loan, I also visited some sites and I prospected one but the agent helped me at all to provide papers instead they just left me with nothing to choose. Good thing a friend of mine, who is also an agent, opened me an opportunity and helped me the process. The house granted on time because the house that we rented will be on assume soon. The landlady already ended our contract all a sudden. The house was granted on I think it was January but I have to make an extension first so it was not too small for 2 families. So we transferred around March, sister and her husband were the one who arranged with the mover company so our stuffs will be accommodated when we transfer. I was working yet that time so I was not able to come with them, when I went home from work I already went straight to our new home.

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