Phone Calls

As I had been mentioning, the house agent keeps on calling me even though I already told her that I just call her back or message her if my husband would finally decide because until now my husband still undecided and I don’t know what stopping him to decide. Duh? Whatever again, but anyway sometimes I already get irritated with all the calls, I mean if the person already said I’ll just call you back then they should stop calling you and asking you if we would push through. Because as I can still recall when there’s no money involve yet, there is no agreement then. This is what I don’t like when I would go house tripping and you will leave your phone on their office, they bugged you with phone calls. I admit I really love the location and the design of the house but please stop calling me because you can only hear the same answer; I don’t have any cash here to buy a house.

On the other hand, my sister just texted me that Pag-ibig insurance called her and informed her about the payment and when it should be made. Oh well I am trying to update the payment that she screwed up. I am trying everything, and I want to stop but I can’t. How I wish GOD will give me more strength to bear all these things because seriously I am getting tired.

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