Aswang Around This House

One day, while I was busy trying to update my blog. My sister went to where I was and said something about this house that the neighbor informed her this afternoon. The neighbor said that before when this house is still empty, she could hear something strange from this house that makes her skin hair stand up. She could not even bear to hear it that she would run and would forget to feed their dog, which is placed to their backyard. She could hear an Aswang making noise from the backyard of this house, Aswang according Wikepedia is a mythical creature in Filipinos. It is an evil like vampire, which attacks pregnant women and kids.

On the other hand, when we moved in this house, the so called Aswang went away at all, like it is gone when the house is filled in. I just thought maybe she could hear the Aswang from this empty house before because aside as it is empty, at that time there are neighbors who were pregnant, so ya know as they said Aswang love the smell of the fetus inside that explains of the Aswang around this house. But good thing I could not hear it at all or else I have long gone transfer a house.

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