Barbeque Party in a House

This Saturday we will be going to one of my workmates house to celebrate our graduation. Yes we passed the foundation and the product training, Next week will be our last day for product training and I hope we all pass. I miss visiting some houses; my workmate said their house is a kind a vintage, which I like to see. Oh well actually we are not there because of the house but we are there for the celebration. I will be donating a cake for the whole team. And our trainer will give us some money for our foods. MJ will be with me since I will fetch her from Kumon then we will be there together. I am sure it will be a blast; this will be the second time for 2 consecutive months that I’ll be visiting a house, first was when we have a hard time locating a house earlier this month. We just had our dinner there and I went home since it was getting late. And I was worried about my kids at home as well. Anyway, I will make sure I am hungry when I arrive at their house so I can eat lots of foods.

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