But To My Kids This Time

Today we were ask to fill up a form and one of the questions there is our residence 10 years ago. I was like; here I am again counting again the years. Yes, I already forgot the years the house that I stayed 10 years ago. I just remember that from first Year College until I was almost hired in CCT, I reside at San Lorenzo then at Crystal Meadows then here. Geez, I can’t recall anymore the years that means maybe I am getting old and would tend to forget the dates and the years. Our house in San Lorenzo, even though it was under the name of my oldest sister, I supposed to be the one and has the right to own it because the money that was used for the down payment and all is from my Dad’s pension and the pension supposed to be given to me to support my college but since I was a scholar in my school, my older sister is the one who always withdraw the money and as I said some of it was used for the down payment for the house. But I gave way and let my oldest sister and her family lived there. The second one was I-loaned it from Pag-Ibig but due to some circumstances that is unavoidable, I gave way again. Now I am hunting for a new house and I don’t know when can I own one again but this one for sure, I will never turn it over to my sisters at all but to my kids this time.

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