Fascinated With Nice Houses

Faith admires big houses and beautiful houses. She is fascinated with those cute mini houses displayed in the mall; there is no chance that she would slip if we ever pass by at those stalls selling some houses in the malls. I noticed Faith beginning to love infrastructure when we went to Manila when she saw big buildings, especially when my sister and she went to the comfort room at the hotel that we stayed for days, in the lobby there was a comfort room for the guests, she dragged my sister there and since we thought she wanted to pee, sister Merlyn accompanied her, only to realized that she was so amazed with the designs inside.

Here in our subdivision, just in a few blocks away from where we live, there is a house that is so nice, the gate was big and beautifully designed. Faith would always exclaim it is a very pretty house. My sister would laugh because she would end up comparing our house to that huge house. I am not sure if Faith wanted to be an Engineer when she grow up or an architect or a designer, but I guess she would go to that kind of profession, oh well I hope.

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