It Was Tedious To Locate A House

Last Friday, my workmates and I agreed to meet at the house of the one of our workmates for bonding. I went here at home first because our plan is to have dinner at their house and at 6:00 at night one of our workmates and I would meet so we can go together there. But then when we arrive at the place, our workmate was not there yet. We didn’t know that she was still at work to invite more friends, now since we thought that she was just in the house, we tried to follow what she instructed to us and later she said we will just wait near the church. We went there at the church but we walked passed to some houses that are vacant yet. It was dark and I could see some construction workers are looking at us. I know then that we are lost. We asked for directions but since the subdivision is new no one could seem to point where is the street that we are looking for.

 photo HPIM0286_zpsf5ef03cd.jpg

So here we are, passing by some vacant houses. We still trying to locate the house of our friend. How I wish at that time that we have a google maps so we can locate the house immediately. Mind you we’d been walking like half an hour already.

 photo HPIM0289_zps57cbb921.jpg

Finally, we saw our workmate waiting for us at the Jeepney stop, she informed us that she was not in the house when we called her. We went to their house right away, she prepared us our dinner only then to find out that some of our workmates weren’t coming so we decided to just change the venue but since it was already late. I went home after we ate dinner.

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