Storage Company For Your Stuffs

When my husband sold the house, he mentioned about Storage Company to put the rest of his stuffs that is not included with the selling. I thought he would only get like a small storage but geez when he was able to look finally for a storage company; he took the 5 bedroom on it. I mean it would look like a house already here. He said that it is important to put all the stuffs in a safe place, so even though the rent fee is like $70.00 a month, it is worth it because he can guarantee that all his important stuffs are secure. Here in PI we don’t have Storage Company that will take care of our belongings if we are undecided to finally move out from our place. Usually, if we move out we would let somebody of our relatives to take care of our documents and with the appliances we would either sell it or give it to our cousins, Auntie, or anyone who would like to grab it.

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