Big Houses AndLoan Compared To The House Today

Mj and I had a very fun time moment tonight, even though we were not able to locate the house right away however when we finally locate the house, our laughter and smiles were nonstop. The house is so big, the styles were not modern but I can feel the ambiance of good memories of her Mom who passed away and my workmate childhood. She said that the house has been built many years ago and they tried to have it renovated but they don’t have such time. Her sisters were already living in the states and she is the only who lives there since her Mom died a year ago. Anyway, I was amazed with how big the yard was compared of the newly built houses today in a subdivision. It was too way different, if only my sister thought of having a house when they are still capable of buying maybe their houses would be as big as my workmate have now. But they were not able to think of purchasing or investing a house instead they were busy to some other things. As I mentioned before, I already left my house to my sister and right now how I wish I could buy again another house for my kids. I am crossing my fingers about it.

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