I Hope Before Summer Ends, I Can Purchase A Microwave Oven

Thank GOD it’s my day off today and the next day. Tomorrow I will be bringing my kids to our company picnic in D’ Leonor, my kids were so happy to know about it. As I always mentioned this summer is almost over yet we were not able to have a short getaway because of my busy schedule. So this time will be my opportunity to grab the chance to be able to enjoy the water. I already bought a new swim wear for my picnic tomorrow after I fetch Mj from Kumon.

The class is starting yet I still did not able to buy a microwave oven. Next week will be the start of my night shift and I am worried that the kids could not cook because they are already cramming to go to school. I must buy a microwave oven, I saw one in the appliance center where I got my Mega Pro, it’s a bit pricey but at least it is installment basis so if I ever I could not afford to buy microwave oven, the best option would be getting it through installment basis but I also have to get a top for my microwave.

I just do not have the time to roam around the mall or inquire if there’s one available in pawnshop that is not expensive at all. My schedule is so hectic that I could not even find any time to get a massage for myself. I just hope that before this summer ends we already have a microwave oven at all otherwise my daughter and niece would find it hard to prepare breakfast for them before heading to school.

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