Bahay Kubo Along The Highway

When I was still in college, I always passed by of this house along the road. The house was a nipa hut or what we called bahay kubo, bahay kubo is an indigenous house here in the Philippines. It was the kind of house in the Philippines before the Spaniards came here. It is still used today though but in the province or in rural areas. On the other hand, yes I always admire the house I always seen along the road, even though I did not plan of glancing the house, it always caught my attention and made me just rested out of many problems I had before. Years passed by, when the government approved of road widening, the nipa hut house was affected. Maybe the people who lived there were relocated because when the road widening was started, the nipa hut was demolished. The spot where the nipa hut stood over the years is now a highway.

 photo BahayKubo_zps706ab8bd.jpg

Picture not mine

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