If Only I Am Near

There are some of my workmates who lives at the province and one of them is commuting everyday for two hours just to go to work and that is without the traffic. It is not also tiring but it is also expensive because of the fare incurred everyday. She is looking for a boarding house to stay while she works here in the city. One of our workmates offered but she can only have a vacant room in their house on July since her sisters from the states just arrived to have a vacation. If only this house is near at work, I might also offer the spare room to her. It is an additional income to my part too aside from blogging and the salary I got from work.

There are houses already in the city that offers room for rent for the students and workers who’s the permanent address is in the province. But the landlady or the landlord should be cautious of whom they would like to rent the spare room. I mean these people are not familiar to you, so it is an advantage to know the background of the renter. In addition to that, it is better if you know the renter personally or referred by your friend, to avoid thank you payments and trouble that they might cause. It is also good if you put a curfew to them so you will not be disturb in your sleep because somebody is knocking at the door just to come in.

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