Lost Again, And She Back Me Up

I was thankful that Mj was with me when I was lost again during our Graduation at work. I did not go to the house of my workmates together with my other workmates because I have to fetch Mj at Kumon. We also bought an Ice cream and a cake as my contribution for the team, so I went there a little bit late. My workmate gave us a sketch but we still were lost. We went to the other subdivision to ask, good thing there was a store located near the gate so I also bought a credit for my phone. The store owner also did not seem familiar with the sketch. She thought the house that refers in the sketch is the Phase 1 of their subdivision, which is located in front of them. I called my workmate and she said that we were already gone beyond; we have to walk yet to ask somebody who knows at their house. Mj helped me as well to locate the house. I didn’t know that their house was just along the street, meaning we already passed by at their house earlier when we were at the taxi cab. I really don’t like sketch, I would always lost at the drawings. I am glad that whenever I am lost to locate a house Mj was with me, backing me up.

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