Our Moving Experience

I don’t really enjoy moving, even if it is to a nicer house and neighborhood.  It is a lot of hard work, packing boxes and labeling them.  I would much rather use a service that will come to our home and pack things the way we want them.  My biggest fear is that something will be damaged in the move.  This is why I want to document any damage we already have ahead of time so that if there is any new damage we can bring it to the attention of the movers.

I want to work with the movers and establish a good relationship early on.  IF we can work together to plan our move, I am confident that we will be satisfied with the moving service.  I have only moved locally here, but when I husband was in the navy, he tell me that he moved half way around the world.  Was he satisfied with the movers? In most cases he was.  He said there was some damage but he was either paid replacement value or the item was repaired.

When you are planning a move whether it is local or across the country, make sure you do your research.  Find local movers you are satisfied with and if you can read testimonials about the moving company you are doing your homework.

I don’t really like moving, but if it improves my families situation, I am willing to move anywhere.  Have you had good or bad experiences while moving?   I know one thing, I don’t want a do-it-yourself move.

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