Sweet Things That Were Brought Home On Mother’s Day

 photo 600746_10200781519036426_1687522166_n_zps626444f5.jpg

These two sweet things were brought home during Mother’s Day, it was my husband idea to surprise me and his connivance with this secret plan is of course my eldest daughter who accomplished the job perfectly. The sweet blueberry cheese cake is from bread talk not bread work as I mentioned to my other blog. They also brought a flower for me. I feel so special in that day even with all the issues between me and my husband. How I wish Mother’s Day will be last a little longer than a day so I could enjoy every bit of it. When we arrived home, even how full we were, we can’t help but to have a slice of it, I guess I ate 3 slices that my husband laugh when he learned it when we chatted online. The flowers are still here, we displayed it in the kitchen we make sure that the water is replaced every now and then to avoid some harmful insects that would live in stagnant water.

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