The Basis Of A Complete Family

I’d been telling my husband if we could buy or assume a house nearby but he keeps on telling me to wait until he arrives. He planned to be here February, March, and April and yet he still didn’t come, I know migrating to another country is already impossible since he is not earning anymore. He already retired from work since February and he is living now at his friend’s house. May is almost already over yet all the plans are pending, renting this house is not giving me problem but what I am concern about is the security of my kids. What if something happen along the way and our income will not be enough for all of us, how could we purchase a house then? I really don’t know what the plan of my husband is; the visa is not possible anymore for us. I don’t know if there’s something wrong with our petition or what papers are lacking or maybe he just doesn’t want us to be there and worst he doesn’t like us to be together. The financial support is okay but sometimes it is not the basis of a complete family, sometimes the presence of each one of us is important.

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