This Home Is So Hot!

Have you felt sleeping for long hours but then you still not feel rested? Yeah that’s what I feel now, I was successful to sleep for long hours in day time however I still felt so tired because it is darn hot! Even though the fan was full blown but the air that comes from it was feeling like blowing so hot. It is indeed summer yet we didn’t have the chance to go to the beach, my niece keeps on asking when could we spend our weekend at the beach. And yet I am not sure, I am just too busy and so haggard because of not resting well during day time. I need an aircon, a new aircon perhaps can help me rest. Our air con here is not working properly, it airs out not good it only added up our bill for our electricity. My sister suggested to have it clean, oh well let’s see but if it will not work I really have to buy a new one.

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