Dutch Oven Where Can We Find You

My husband mentioned about Dutch oven, he said it is very useful for all of us. I don’t have any idea what he is talking about, so he said it’s a big pan. We already roamed around the kitchen ware but we can’t find it. Even the sales staffs are not familiar with it; he tried to explain that it is an old fashioned pan. I also do not have any idea what is Dutch oven. I may have seen it before but I didn’t know the name, oh well he was sure that I saw it before. On the other hand so instead of the Dutch oven, I found a blanket for aircon since we have a new aircon, it is better for us to have a thick blanket but geez I didn’t know it is too small for 3 of us. Yes, Faith is sleeping with us every night, even before I resigned; she is already sleeping with Daddy.

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