Home Alone

Yesterday when I went home, I was so surprised that I found Faith in the living room watching TV. The house seems empty except for her watching a TV. I asked her if she’s alone, she said she’s not. I asked her where are the other and she answered, Ate Moreen go out, Ate Mariel go out, Ate Mj go out. I asked her again if where’s Auntie Malyn she told me she did not go out out because she’s not here. I was so frightened, I checked the whole house to look for sister Merlyn but she was not around. My cellphone was out of battery so I charged it and I found out numbers of messages from my daughter saying I have to hurry up because Faith is alone at home.

My goodness I don’t know what I will do if something happen to my youngest. Good thing she didn’t touch anything in the kitchen, she seemed so hooked in Disney Junior that she didn’t move to her seat. I told my husband about it immediately; this is what I don’t like when you are working you cannot keen enough to look for your kids at home, I could  have instructed my youngest to just don’t go at home when no one is around for Faith, if only I have read her message.

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