How I Wish July 1 Does Not Exist

Sigh it is two days to go and my husband will fly back to the states. I don’t wanna think about it, I hope July 1 does not exist at all. However he needs to go back for his eye laser surgery. It is more cheaply there if he would undergo laser surgery there than here, his insurance would be the one to cover all the expenses. So even though it is heavy for me to see him go back, I have to since it is for his own good and besides we can also save some money if he would use his insurance for surgery.

Today, Daddy promised the kids to watch the Monster University. We got up early so we can prepare breakfast early as well. He is the one cooking breakfast for all of us, he also cooked us a Carbonara last night, his own way. It is unique but we all liked it. This morning he would cook us a bacon dog, I am sure the kids would love it.

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