No Time For Home

Now that I am working, it seemed like it is hard for me to find some time to take care of the house now. I wanted to buy a new cover for the couch. I already asked the woman who would do the cover for my couch yet until now I still didn’t have the time to buy fabrics. When could I have the time while the only time that I really have to force myself to go out is when I have to pay my bills? And after paying, I will go back home to take a nap. I am getting tired with all of this though since I have to mind my kid’s safety at home as well while I am out. I don’t know until when I can survive with this set up, my youngest daughter is already claiming she doesn’t have a mother at all because I am not sleeping with her anymore, it breaks my heart but for me to survive, to divert my attention is for me to go to work. Soon I will stop and would be back to being a home base Mom and I have all the time to buy me some necessary things for the house. Soon.

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