Happy For The New Things In The House

My youngest daughter’s like the new things in the house, she even exclaim that to her Daddy. She told her Daddy that she is so happy to see some new things in the house and that is the new TV, new aircon, new car and a new door knob! Her Father was laughing so hard when he heard that from her daughter, he didn’t tell her to tell me while I was trying to replace the door knob in my eldest bedroom but Faith went there and told me the same thing. Faith appreciates new things and she teases this house and would always say this yellow house is ugly yeah she teased her own home. If only I can improve this house, I would but of course this is not my house so I have to leave this one as it is. I just have to live with it but soon I know we will say good bye to this house and would say hello to another house. I just hope that it will happen very soon.

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