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Looking For A Closet

I already have just enough money to buy a new closet for Faith and so I went to the mall today after I dropped by Faith at school, I checked if the mall has the closet that I like to have for Faith yet affordable. I found one though but the delivery fee is too much. I was thinking for a moment and later I remember that there’s a factory of closet near at home. So after I fetched Faith from her school, I drove to the factory near where we live, but when I went there the closet is more expensive than of the mall and besides I don’t like their style. I wanted to go back to the mall to buy the closet but I set it aside for tomorrow, I don’t want to waste my gas just for that and besides I would go out again tomorrow to send and fetch Faith from school. So it is better if I would purchase it by tomorrow instead, I hope my money will be still enough.

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