Living Room: Before And Now

Yesterday, my eldest daughter and I joined our forces to lift up and move all the furniture we have at home. We started about 10 in the morning; I need to move around where the TV was place so to cover the speaker it has in the back. Mj made a suggestion to move the TV around near the window, I wanted it to the other window but she said it is too tight and it would be too near the couch, it could hurt our eyes. Good thing I followed her idea because it was better than mine.

We finished the re arrangement about almost 3 in the afternoon, it was too tiring but it was all worth it. Until now I am still in pain because of the lift up. I have to thank my eldest for helping me cleaning the whole house. Yeah she is sometimes stubborn but I know I can depend on her whenever I need her.

 So here’s the arrangement before:

 photo 1000771_10201176213743547_686780997_n_zpsa0685b8e.jpg

The TV is in the center between the living room and the kitchen, and since the speaker of the TV is in the back. The sound would get so loud in the kitchen compared to the living room.

 photo 993314_10201179343661793_1583629728_n_zps3f4ba172.jpg

And so we moved the TV around near the window, good thing the cable of our Sky Cable can still reach to the other side. I did not requested to have it long since I thought we will never move the furniture at all. I mean it is tiring and time consuming if I will do it from time to time.

 photo HPIM0852_zpsecf6a9e3.jpg

We just have to be very careful to close the door whenever it is raining because the rain drops would surely get inside the window. Anyway below is the arrangement of the whole house now.

 photo HPIM0858_zpsa7881379.jpg

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