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Rice Cooker Which Has Elephant On it

My Rice Cooker is busted again, oh no not again!

I guess this is the 3rd time already excluding if I will buy another rice cooker this week that I bought a Rice Cooker, this one said as the tough one, it will not easily busted or damage but I guess that is not true at all. One thing I recalled was I clean up the interior of the Rice Cooker and after that it didn’t work anymore. It would power on but the thing is it will not create enough heat to cook the rice; it can’t even boil the rice. The result is the Rice was not properly cook at all. We even scold Mj because she did not check if she properly pushes down the power on   last Saturday night when we ask her to cook rice whereas the Rice Cooker is already busted at that time. I’d been observing it since last night; it is really not working right.

I told my husband about it and he mentioned that if we will buy a rice cooker why not buy the tough one, I mean that works long last. He was telling me a kind of rice cooker which has the elephant on it. And he directed me to a site zojirushi to check, I guess it is expensive and he admittedly it is but if we will buy another one again then might a good one. He suggested checking this kind in the mall and seeing the price. Oh well then let’s see…

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