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Wrong House Was Demolished

House demolition is indeed a very big problem here in the city. The residents know that the property they are living is not theirs, they have squatted a long time ago and when the owner would get it back, the squatters would claimed the property based of the years they are staying in the land. The government though relocated them to somewhere especially when the owner of the land is the government but still it would leave a scratch because some residents don’t like to give up the land. So there will be riots between the resident and the demolition team, no one would like to give up or give in, it sometimes resulted to major injuries in the part of the residents and or the demolition team and police.

But what if you didn’t receive any notice and you were in a vacation then suddenly when you went home, your house is gone. What will you do? It happened to a resident in Forthworth Texas, he and his wife tried to locate their house but it is nowhere to be found. Later, they learned that it was torn down already. The worst is that it supposed to be the neighbour’s house that should be demolished and not their house. Anyway, the city officials offered them a compensation package so this could build their house up again. But truly it is indeed a hassle for the part of the Underwood, I am sure they were so worried upon knowing that their house is totally gone.

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