Architect Is It A Must?

When I loan the house in Phase 1, my friend offered me that her boyfriend is an architect and I can actually talk to him regarding with the fees since I was planning to have an extension to my kitchen. When we went to the house together with her boyfriend, he talked to me about the plan and the fees, oh well including with the labor and materials it was like P70, 000.00. I like the plan that he presented to me, with a small counter near the kitchen sink but I took aback because I thought P70, 000.00 was too much. My brother-in-law knew a carpenter back then so we hired his friend instead of the architect. Later on when I computed all the materials the labor and all that it costs the same thing. The work was not even impressive, if I could have known the expenses, I might just choose the architect with a nice plan than of the plain carpenter. Oh well, we all get disappointed at the end of a job. This time if I would buy a house and the house needs some extension, I might hire an architect to design the house, in that way it will be followed appropriately. I like a plan that has a bigger view inside, even though the house is small.

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