Home Service Manicure and Pedicure

I think this only happens in the Philippines, which we can hire someone who can do manicure and pedicure. I just have learned lately that there’s one in our neighbor who knows to manicure and pedicure so we called her. It was already dark but she came in, my sister and I was very happy. Of course she will because she will have it for free from me, waahhh!!! On the other hand, Faith was also happy to see some kids around, yes the manicurist have some kids that she brought tonight, and Faith was able to play with them for an hour. She shared her toys to them and talked to them, and plays tricks with them. The service was finish about 10 at night, I know the manicurist got tired, and I am so thankful that she finished her job perfectly at home. I will be calling her again some other days for rebonding of my niece hair.

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