My home service manicurist went here yesterday for rebonding the hair of my niece. You see, she has been so curly since birth, so I helped her with financing her hair make-over. The mother of my manicurist is also a seamstress and since I was looking for someone to do the cover of my couch, I ask her how much is their labor, she advised me first to buy a fabric before they can lay down the labor fee. She also advised me to buy a durable fabric, a fabric that does not easily tear apart when the days passed by. I asked her what kind of fabric should I have to buy and she went home for a while and ask her mother what type of fabric I need to purchase, and she return with an answer and it is KATRINA.

Ber is already fast approaching so I will have to buy new things for the house, I had been planning to buy another cover but it is always set aside but this time since I bought a set of curtains last year for December, I will surely buy a matching cover for it. I will be looking for a green-red since my curtains are green. I know I just need to be careful and not be an impulsive buyer oh well I still have plenty of time though, I just need to cautious with all the things I will be buying. Hopefully.

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