Our New Home Phone

A new home phone is included in the tab that PLDT offered to me, so all in all we have 2 home phones already, I put the black one in the living room and the other one is in the bedroom. At first I could not figure out what to do to have another one in the living room, I already bought a splitter but I still can’t figure it out. And I also concerned with the wiring so you see it is really hassle when you only rented a house because you can’t do things of your own. Good thing the new phone has another input to put another line there for the black phone in the living room but I tell you it took me like 2 days to notice there’s a hole in there for me to insert a line.

Anyway here’s our new home phone:

 photo HPIM1139_zpsefadd6a7.jpg

Isn’t it so neat, I most loved the tablet though, I can take a picture and play there as well.

Together with the phone they also provided me a modem and a router in one. But geez it seemed slow so I still place my Buffallo router with it.

 photo HPIM1138_zpsc639d598.jpg

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