Rearranging The Living Room Today

My husband bought a new flat panel TV just recently and we only put it to my old TV stand, it is actually more of a counter than of a TV stand. The kitchen, actually the dining table is just behind the TV, there is no problem with the TV but the speaker is at the back and so whenever we are standing or just sitting behind our TV or you are only at the kitchen doing some chores you could hear a loud sound coming from the TV and if you will set the volume low then you could not hear the sound anymore when you are in front of the TV monitor watching.

Yesterday, I was figuring out what to do with the arrangement. I know I need to mount this kind of TV in the wall but since we are only a renter of this house, we can’t just do that. It might leave a mark in the wall when we are ready to move out, and I don’t like to pay extra for that. I just need to do some rearrangement here, I could have done it yesterday but moving some of the appliances around is just too heavy and I only had my youngest daughter with me. Today is the right time, since they don’t have a class. I am sure my eldest daughter will be willing to help, I hope she will. With my 2 nieces, Moreen went home and Mariel will have some projects to be done by her classmates at her house. So I need to hurry up to begin with my mission at this rented house today.

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