When My Two Nieces Moved In

Just last year, when my niece moved in to this house and the other room was occupied, we need a bigger wardrobe for Mj and her so I purchased the wardrobe below. It was big than the other one so Mariel’s and Mj’s clothes will fit in. They were so happy when I bought this at home, now their clothes would be pile up well. I also bought a study table together with the closet.

 photo HPIM1088_zps3ecf9c78.jpg

I know right after I bought this closet I promised my youngest daughter to purchase her own closet since we were only using the plastic drawer from Orocan for her stuffs. But due to some circumstances like budgeting and I got work I need to attend last summer I was not able to purchase it, but mind you I keep on thinking I need to buy her a closet and just this month, finally it was realized. Here’s Faith new closet.

 photo HPIM0847_zps4374f229.jpg

Moreen, my other niece just moved in here last month, so I gave the plastic drawers to her for her to use for her clothes and stuffs, I will be buying another closet when the budget is right.

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