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House Tripping On Monday

My friend from my work before invited me to have fun and play badminton, I thought we were playing with a group but too bad that some did not make it. Anyway while we were playing, she mentioned about going to a house tripping on Monday. I was so excited to hear that finally I have a company to look for a house; yes I am seriously looking for a house now for us. I really don’t like the idea of renting at all specially with no parking space. This morning I just received a letter in my car saying about my parking, I was pissed off not because I have received a letter but because whoever it was, they should have talked to me and not putting any letter in my car. I mean I am not hard to talk to or understand the situation. I mean we are all parking on the side of the streets, but geez why do they have to target me with this letter. It is really time for me to look for a house; I mean I hope I can find one in no time.

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