House For Assume In This Village

When my husband was here last June, we were looking for prospective houses that we want to buy. I suggested about assuming a house here in this subdivision if while moving in, we already enjoyed the Telephone lines, Internet Connection, and Cable for TV. I tried to look online and I bumped in to the house below:

 photo 210526350_223826185210336385205051427900c14a060c37f976da3deb27f2b5c023d6b468d_zpsd7f87da0.jpg

I just snag this photo in, credits to the owner.

I love the house because the location is in the corner so that means bigger space that we can put an extension, perhaps for another bedroom since it only have 2 bedrooms. This house is rented yet, we didn’t have money yet at that time when we visited the house. My husband told me when he gets back he would bring enough for us to buy a house. And so we are not yet decided if we are going to buy that house but for me this is already okay, I mean this is better than renting right? How I really wish we can buy a house this year.

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