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Another House For Sale In This Village

I saw this house in the Internet, one of the houses here is up to selling. I already contacted the owner and agreed to view the house last Thursday. It is supposed to be today however they need to go to Gen San to attend the wife grandfather’s wake. As early as 7 in the morning I went to their house. The house is just located nearby; it is in a corner upon going here. When I entered the gate I asked the price of the house right away and the owner told me about 2M but if I would like to just assume the house they are asking about 1.2 and I will be the one to continue the P5, 000.00 in Pag Ibig. I roam around the whole loan, it was indeed so big. They put cellophane on some parts of the ground and put some stones for the grass not to grow but he said I can just pull out the plastic cellophane if I needed an extension of the house. The living room is nice; it is small just like what we have here. The master’s bedroom is big but the two bedrooms are too small, I guess it is smaller than what we have here. But the whole area is big enough for us to put an extension. I asked if he could lower down the price for the spot cash, he told me about 1.8. It is still so pricey for us though my husband is telling me he will do anything to rise up money so we can afford it. I am not sure though because I know we are really on a tight budget nowadays. Only GOD knows can we own a house this time.

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