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Microwave Oven Is On My Hands Now

I just received a text a message today from 2GO that my microwave oven already arrived. It supposed to deliver here at home but I just sent them a message that I will claim the Microwave oven in their office since I don’t have any money here at home and besides we are going to the mall to watch a movie.

I thought canceling an order from them would be so hassle but nope, not at all because I just told them to cancel my previous order because I was not able to avail the P1, 000 discount since I pressed the Place Order instead of the voucher so my gift check was not added and it didn’t deduct to the actual price. So after I cancel the last order, I place another order later that night and after like how many days, the item is here now ready for pick-up.

I went to their office right away and pay only P1, 300.00 instead of P2, 300.00, I just ask the lady in-charge if I can leave the item there for hours since we will be watching a movie, and the lady accommodated it. We brought the Microwave Oven home finally but we don’t have any table top yet so we just put it on the old washing machine. Next week, I will have to buy a Table Top for my Microwave Oven.

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